Data protection

The Haddenham Museum Trust and the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)

Haddenham Museum Trust accepts the need to process data lawfully, fairly and transparently; to collect it for explicit purposes; to ensure that it is adequate and limited to the needs of the Trust; to hold it securely; to keep it no longer than necessary and to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

The Trustees collect names and addresses of members and keeps a record of their payment of membership subscriptions.  None of this is available online (with the exception of the names of the Trustees themselves). The membership data is not made available to any other organisation. The Trust holds a list of email addresses of those members who have stated that they prefer to receive newsletters by email.  Newsletters are sent as blind copies. The Trust holds a list of telephone numbers of the Trustees and stewards and this is displayed on the duty rota in the museum office for the use of fellow stewards.

Some members pay subscriptions by bank transfer. The Trust does not gather or hold details of the bank accounts of these members. Gift aid details are held on the original paper forms and retained as required by law.

The Trustees consider that membership information may itself have some historical value and it is therefore not routinely destroyed.  However, any members wishing to have their name and address removed from the system may contact the Membership Secretary. The membership information is held on a password-protected computer with anti-virus software.

Members will be asked annually to confirm if they wish to receive newsletters by email.